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Notice: Refusal Of Mandatory Vaccines

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Notice: Refusal Of Mandatory Vaccines

mandatory forced covid-19 vaccine refusal form

  • I do not know what is in your vaccine.

  • I do not believe your vaccine is safe.

  • I know that vaccines kill hundreds of thousands of people per year.

  • I am aware of reports that vaccine experiments have caused tens of thousands of cases of sterilization, polio, autism and other diseases and injuries globally.

  • I know that vaccines are so hazardous that the vaccine industry lobbied for, and received immunity from the harm vaccines are causing.

  • I know that taxpayers have paid billions of dollars to families who’s members were injured or killed by vaccines.

  • I do not trust the vaccine industry, government agencies or international agencies which seem to be acting on behalf of vaccine sales and promotion and suppressing information of vaccine hazards.

  • I know that if someone is not a doctor, such as an elected official or bureaucrat, they may not administer medicine at all, much less “mandate” medical treatments for the general population.

  • Anyone who claims privilege to inject materials in my body without my consent is my enemy and is committing a crime.

  • I will treat anyone who threatens to violate my body as a criminal assailant.

  • No, you may not vaccinate me or my children. If you try, I will exercise my right to self defense against you and your accomplices to any extent I deem necessary to protect ourselves.

  • Forced vaccination is not authorized or permitted under Founding Law. If there is a code or statutory “mandate” for forced medication, it is unconstitutional, unlawful and unenforceable.

  • You may not attempt or threaten non-consensual vaccination, and if you do, you will be dealt with in a manner to restore rule of law, justice and to protect our right to personal physical security.

  • Your ignorance of vaccine hazards and medical rights and your inability to understand the facts do not give you any immunity from prosecution or any license to commit the crime of forced non-consensual medication.

  • Have you offered to personally take full responsibility to pay for any harm your vaccine causes? No. Therefore you do not have the slightest authority or privilege to forcibly administer vaccines.

  • If you fail to immediately cease all threat of vaccination against me and/or my family, I will be forced to take action (legal or otherwise) against you personally.

  • I know that under current law all physicians and healthcare workers must have my consent to administer medicine to me. My consent is hereby denied and refused.


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