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The Dumbing Down Of The Church

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The Dumbing Down Of The Church


dumbed down churches and church members

Just as the government schools (i.e. public schools) in the United States (and most countries around the world) are designed to stifle critical thinking and are structured to indoctrinate school children, the Christian Church at large is designed to do the same for its members.   The clergy spoonfeed the congregation whatever they feel comfortable dishing out, being sure to avoid anything too deep, too serious or too controversial.  And most congregations are quite content to sit in a pew for an hour each week and be entertained by the paid professionals.  Meanwhile, almost everyone assumes they have met their obligation to “not forsake the assembling” of each other.   What a sham and what a shame!


When was the last time you were in a church where they talked in depth about any of these subjects:

  • the attributes of God
  • the depravity and lostness of man
  • God’s wrath
  • the scope of Christ’s atonement
  • the justice of God in the damnation of sinners
  • ecclesiology (how to do church and why the clergy system is unbiblical)
  • hermeneutics (how to properly interpret the bible)
  • the doctrines of grace, calvinism and arminianism (what the true gospel really is versus the false free-will gospel)
  • why doctrine is more important than unity (or why unity at the expense of truth is treason)
  • why churches should not incorporate
  • what bible versions are the most accurate translations and why
  • how to identify a cult
  • how to identifiy a false Christian
  • the marks of a true Christian
  • what brings about God’s judgment on a nation and individuals
  • why it is important to correct error promptly no matter who in the church espouses it
  • how to accurately share the gospel and why it is every believer’s responsibility to do so
  • why it is unbiblical to segregate people in church by age

And when did you ever learn much if anything about great preachers and teachers of the past like:

Or when did you hear about these martyrs and what they believed and why they were killed:

But instead, you were probably taught things like:

  • the latest and greatest contemporary Christian songs
  • the latest and easiest to read Bible versions
  • the prayer of Jabez
  • the emergent church
  • the purpose driven church
  • friendship evangelism
  • why you must tithe to the local church
  • altar calls, salvation prayers and other man-made evangelism techniques

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