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Instant Ordination

Instant Ordination


Well, for anyone who suffers from severe impatience or who may have a terminal case of Attention Deficit Disorder there is now a super fast, ultra-easy way of becoming an ordained minister… Just go to themonastery.org and click on the “begin free online ordination” button (see screen image below). Next, you just supply your contact information – and not much else – and then they will issue an ordination certificate on the spot.  Of course if you want a fancy certificate suitable for framing and perhaps an ID card and some other impressive printed credentials, you can go to their “store” page and buy those extra goodies to impress your friends with.  Ordination in the “Universal Life Church” (ULC) is actually recognized by many states, allowing you to legally officiate at marriage ceremonies, baptisms, funerals, etc.


“The Universal Life Church offers online ordinations that are quick to complete, free, and last a lifetime. You, or any adult you know, can become a legally-recognized wedding officiant in the space of a couple of minutes for free.” – ULC


While I have a very different opinion about God and “the equality of faiths” than the leadership of the ULC who state: 


“At the ULC Monastery there is no hierarchy, all faiths are considered equal, and no deity is held above another.”


I must admit that ordination by many modern “respectable” Christian seminaries no longer represents what it used to represent, nor is such conventional ordination a very good gauge of a Christian minister’s biblical orthodoxy or orthopraxy. If you want to know why I say this, please examine our article “What Most Churches Don’t Teach Their Members“.





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  • New Life Ministry, Paige Texas – another instant ordination website
  • Celebration Community Church, Westwood New Jersey – yet another instant ordination site


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