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We Like Everything About You Except…

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We Like Everything About You Except…


Running a man out of town because we don't like his Bible doctrine

We like the way you faithfully attend prayer meetings and Bible studies.
We like your dedication to the local church body.
We like it when you visit shut-ins from our church.
We like how you minister to the sick and widows and widowers.
We like the fact that you write letters of encouragement and condolence to others in the local church.
We like your participation in men’s breakfasts and various fellowship meals.
We just love it when you tithe and give to our offering requests.
But we want nothing to do with YOUR DOCTRINE! When it comes to DOCTRINE, keep your mouth shut and keep your DOCTRINE to yourself. We are quite comfortable the way we are. We are very happy with our views on DOCTRINE. We don’t like it when anyone challenges our positions on our long held beliefs. We don’t believe we could possibly be wrong about things we have believed for years and even decades. Therefore YOU must be wrong and we must be right. If you don’t like what we believe and teach, well you can just hit the road. Your kind are not welcome here. If you wish to stay, then you have only one option: shut up and sit down. We will tell YOU what to believe, and you better not question us, else we will label you divisive and send you on your way.

“For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine” [2 Timothy 4:3]

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