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Super Duper Praise Report

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Super Duper Praise Report

A Wonderful Example Of A New Creature In Christ

transforming power of the gospel of Jesus Christ

A friend of mine is now on his feet with a full time job with benefits after being released from prison in January of 2021. He had been in prison for DECADES. I started writing to him in prison in 1993. God really turned his life around in prison. When I contacted him back in 1993 he was already working with the prison chaplain helping out with prison church services. Around 10 years before he was released, he had started his own periodic Christian prison newsletter, along with help from a small prison ministry on the outside. 2 or 3 years before he left prison, he was able to enroll in a Braille translation program run in the prison by the Foundation for the Blind. He translated some materials into Braille before leaving prison. Since leaving prison he has stayed connected with the Foundation for the Blind and has already translated an entire book for them outside of prison. He continues to work with the same prison ministry, only from on the outside now. He now supports dozens of inmates in the prison, via letters to individual inmates, newsletters to groups of inmates and even a Christmas program for inmates. He also works with ex-cons in his area including at a half-way house for other men who have recently left the prison system. He directly assists current inmates in neighboring states and even supports a former inmate who is now in El Salvador. He just recently became a member of a local church and has been involved with that church providing food for homeless people via a “picnic in the park” program.
No one can deny that the Good Lord changes lives… very dramatically at times. “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.” 2 Corinthians 5:17
I must tell you all how God connected me with this man, as he is a couple thousand miles away from me. My brother had a friend who moved to the same state this inmate was in. My brother’s friend then ended up in the same prison as the man I ended up writing to. How did I end up writing to him? I first started writing to and sending tracts to my brother’s friend in that prison. That man was not a Christian and he referred me to this other man who had become saved who was a lot more anxious to hear about the Lord and be discipled. Sadly, my brother’s friend never made it out of prison. He died about a month before his 10 year sentence was up and his body is buried in the prison cemetery. I am not sure where that man’s soul is, but I think it is in a place none of us want to be in for eternity. — RM Kane


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