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Anything But Gay

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Anything But Gay:
The Deadly and Dangerous Homosexual Lifestyle

By Tyler Young


Because of the bias manner in which homosexuality is portrayed by the media, the general public has little understanding of the true nature of the homosexual lifestyle.


Most have been deceived into believing the average homosexual lives a perfectly normal and healthy way of life.


To suggest otherwise is considered hateful and homophobic. But the facts paint a dark picture of homosexuality much different from the clean, harmless image most people see in the positive portrayals of homosexuals on television and in movies. The silence of the media has hidden the seedy, dangerous and disgusting behavior typical of homosexuals which would stagger the minds of decent people.


Just like the rest of us?


Gays behave just like everybody else except for the minor difference that they happen to be attracted to people of the same-sex, right?


Wrong. Although there certainly are exceptions, the general rule is that homosexuals pursue a sexual perversity which defies imagination. The impression we are given is that homosexuals are involved in committed relationships comparable to typical heterosexual relationships, but the truth is the homosexual lifestyle is, by its very nature, extremely promiscuous. According to surveys of homosexual men, the average homosexual may easily have thousands of sexual partners in his lifetime. According to Jeffrey Satinover:


A 1981 study revealed that only 2 percent of homosexuals were monogamous or semi-monogamous-generously defined as ten or fewer lifetime partners. And a 1978 study found that 43 percent of male homosexuals estimated having sex with five hundred or more different partners and 28 percent with a thousand or more different partners. Seventy-nine percent said that more than half of these partners were strangers and 70 percent said that more than half were men with whom they had sex only once.


Of gay men and anonymous sex, George Grant and Mark A. Horne point out in their book, Legislating Immorality: “Worse, many-if not most-of all homosexual encounters are anonymous Homosexual bathhouses-or as they are sometimes called, without a hint of irony, health clubs-cater specifically to this perverse hankering for anonymity.” Is it any wonder that Paul calls this behavior vile and unseemly?


Reaping the fruits of sowing perversion


A tree is known by its fruit (Mat. 12:33). What, then, are the fruits of homosexual behavior? To encourage young people to embrace homosexuality as normal and to remove from their minds any possible inhibitions toward it, pro-homosexual propaganda in public school courses and special programs leads them to believe that homosexuality is merely an “alternative lifestyle,” as healthy as heterosexuality. The awful truth that homosexuals want to bury beneath a façade of normalcy is that homosexuality is destructive to health and hygiene.


In Romans Paul speaks of homosexuals “receiving in themselves that recompense of their error which was due” (Rom. 1:27), suggesting that there are grave consequences to perverting the divine order. There is undeniable evidence to support this point.While we often think of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) when considering health issues related to homosexuality, most people are not aware that AIDS is but one of many diseases afflicting homosexuals.


David Smith, M.D., gave the following statistics concerning the medical consequences of homosexual behavior:


A survey several years ago revealed that seventy-eight percent of homosexuals have been affected at least once by a sexually transmitted disease…. Although the percentage of homosexuals in the United States is less than five percent, they are responsible for half of the cases of gonorrhea of the throat and of intestinal infections. Major outbreaks of ambiasis and hepatitis A infections in San Francisco and Minneapolis have been associated with diseased homosexual food handlers in public restaurants. There is a twenty to fifty fold greater rate of hepatitis B among male homosexuals and a much higher rate of hepatitis A [than heterosexuals]; between one-half to three-fourths of homosexual men have had hepatitis B. If you look at rates of chronic or recurrent infections with herpes virus, CMV, and hepatitis B, you would find them in ninety percent of homosexually active men.San Francisco passed “gay rights” laws and saw a rate of increase of twenty-two times over the national average of venereal disease over the first ten years.


AIDS: Gay disease or everyone’s problem?


It is politically incorrect to label AIDS as a “gay disease.” In the 1980’s and 90’s a massive propa-ganda campaign was implemented to convince the public that all of us-heterosexuals and homosexuals alike-were at equal risk of contracting the disease. It is true that there are many innocent victims of the disease who are not homosexual-especially in Africa, which has been ravaged by an AIDS epidemic. But the impression left by the media that the average citizen faces as great a risk of contracting the disease as a homosexual cavorting in a seedy bathhouse with dozens of other homosexuals is a lie. The publicity surrounding AIDS has hidden the fact that it is a lifestyle specific disease which, in our nation, is primarily spread by and mainly afflicts homosexuals. In fact, it was first called GRID-Gay Related Immuno-Deficiency-because it existed almost exclusively among homosexuals and was correctly understood to be the result of high-risk behavior typical of homosexuals.


The truth is, AIDS is basically a homosexual disease. The evidence suggests that all of the misery and death which it has brought to mankind is ultimately due to the pursuit of the perversion of homosexuality. This fact is painfully obvious, yet few dare to point out the truth that homosexuals are responsible for introducing AIDS to the world. Since the symptoms of AIDS and other lifestyle specific diseases are the product of rejecting God’s will, the cure for them is not to be found in a laboratory, but in repentance. Abiding by God’s word is the only effective AIDS prevention program. Respecting God’s will for sexual fulfillment as revealed in his word would, in a matter of time, eliminate AIDS from the face of the earth.


Only one percent of male homosexuals die of old age, compared to seventy-three percent of men in general who live to be sixty-five or older.


Different lifestyles, different lives


Few people understand that homosexuality is not only unhealthy, it is deadly. Just how deadly is revealed by Dr. Paul Cameron, who has noted: The median age of homosexual men dying from AIDS is thirty-nine. The median age of homosexual men dying from all other causes is forty-two (compared to seventy-five for married men generally and fifty-seven for unmarried men generally). Only one percent of male homosexuals die of old age, compared to seventy-three percent of men in general who live to be sixty-five or older. Less than three percent of all homosexuals are over the age of fifty-five.


The median age of lesbians at death is forty-five compared to seventy-nine for married women, and seventy-one for unmarried women generally. The International Journal of Epidemiology reported on a study “to assess how HIV infection and AIDS impacts on mortality rates for gay and bisexual men.”


Vital statistics were obtained for a large Canadian urban center from 1987 to 1992.


RESULTS: Age-specific mortality was significantly higher for gay and bisexual men than all men aged 30-44. Life expectancy at age 20 for gay and bisexual men ranged from 34.0 years to 46.3 years.  The probability of living from age 20 to 65 years for gay and bisexual men ranged from 32% to 59%. These figures were considerably lower than for all men where the probability of living from 20 to 65 was 78%.


CONCLUSION: In a major Canadian center, life expectancy at age 20 years for gay and bisexual men is 8 to 20 years less than for all men. If the same pattern of mortality were to continue, we estimate that nearly half of gay and bisexual men currently age 20 years will not reach their 65th birthday. Under even the most liberal assumptions, gay and bisexual men in this urban center are now experiencing a life expectancy similar to that experienced by all men in Canada in the year 1871.


Despite these grim statistics, homosexuals persist in their dangerous behavior.


After a decline in the early 1990’s in the number of AIDS cases, in the last few years the number has been increasing again. “Safer-sex” education instructing homosexuals on how to reduce the risk of contracting disease and encouraging them to use caution in practicing their perversion appears to have been largely ineffective. This should not surprise us, since homosexuality has nothing to do with responsible conduct but has everything to do with wanton pursuit of sexual fulfillment, regardless of the risks. But to choose sodomy is to choose slavery – bondage to the lusts of the flesh and all of the awful consequences which result from pursuing them.


Why are our children not given the type of information noted above in health class?


They may be – and often are – instructed in condom use and creative methods of fornication, as we shall document later. But information like this-which could be vital to their physical and emotional well-being is kept from them. The reason is obvious: promoters of the homosexual agenda do not want them to see the indisputable connection between sexual sin and suffering.


We reap what we sow.


When we sow to the flesh, of the flesh we reap corruption and destruction. The reckless abandoning of God’s will to embrace the excesses of pagan hedonism carries a high price. It is past time to expose the lie that we should celebrate the homosexual lifestyle as natural and healthy. In fact, it is a disgusting and deadly way of life which enslaves and destroys those who practice it. Everything about it is anti-family, anti-God, anti-Christ.



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