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The Gay Lifestyle – A Destructive Sexual Disorientation

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The Gay Lifestyle – A Destructive Sexual Disorientation

These fact-filled articles will shed some light on a highly censored subject, hopefully for the benefit of the many people who are actively engaged in this seriously self-destructive homosexual lifestyle.  Obviously many homosexuals have been brainwashed by the mass media, society in general, the education system and by their own peers into thinking that any mention of a negative side to their lifestyle is just hate speech.  This post is not for them.  This list of articles is for those who are not happy with their lifestyle and its consequences and its effects on their lives.  So if you wish to find out about all that is being censored in the mainstream media regarding many deadly serious health issues and lifestyle consequences of homosexual activity, then you are urged to thoroughly investigate the following websites and web pages.  To engage in homosexual activity without regards to the very real consequences, is to play Russian roulette with your life.

Medical Consequences of What Homosexuals Do

Homosexuality – Family Research Council

Homosexual activity harms no one

Homosexuality and health

What Causes Homosexuality?

SAME SEX MARRIAGE: Til Death Do Us Part?

The Negative Health Effects of Homosexuality

Homophobic Christian Hatred: The Facts About “JUST THE FACTS”
(link under review)

Report: Pedophilia more common among ‘gays’

Deadly Homosexual Behavior

Homosexual Parenting: Placing Children At Risk

The Statistics on Homosexuality and its Effects

Myths and Facts about Homosexuality
(Link under review)

Health Risks of the Homosexual Lifestyle


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