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Evangelistic Truck Driver

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Evangelistic Long-Haul Truck Driver

Tractor Trailer Rig Driver Drives Bible Billboard All Over The U.S.


A brother in Christ named Dan was using his long-haul trucking job as an evangelistic ministry until the Lord took him home. I have been anxious to share his story with visitors to this website for a long time. Dan had been doing roofing and construction in New Jersey for many years (while pastoring a small church). After retiring from the demanding roofing work, Dan and his wife and their youngest son Sam moved south to Florida. Dan, who loved soul winning and was not afraid of hard work, got himself a truck rig and started long-haul deliveries of gravel, sand, fertilizer, recyclables and what-not. He could haul about 70,000 pounds of material with his big rig’s dumpster trailer. But that is not the spectacular part of his rig or his life. What is really exciting is that he transformed his rig (with the help of a vehicle paint shop) into a huge Bible billboard, covered with bible verses, mostly having to do with salvation and the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Brother Dan, started out this evangelistic truck driving career at around age 57 up until around age 72, driving his “big rig” around the country.  His eye-catching cab and trailer were literally covered with Bible verses and Gospel messages as you can see in the slide viewer below. Dan’s hard-to-miss billboard on wheels gave him many wonderful opportunities to tell people across the United States about God’s salvation plan for the human race through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross at Calvary. Truck stops were a great place for Dan to share the gospel with other truck drivers. One time, while “stuck” in traffic New York City for a couple of hours, many people walking around the city got to see Dan’s gospel messages on his rig. Dan understood that God had orchestrated him getting “stuck” in traffic so that people could see the scriptures plastered all over his truck. However, due to a tragic fire, brother Dan’s work for the Lord ended on this earth at age 73 – a year after he retired from truck driving, and he is now home with his blessed Lord Jesus.


  • Evangelistic truck driver tractor trailer with Bible verses
    Evangelistic truck driver tractor trailer with Bible verses


We at ComingInTheClouds.org hope that Dan’s boldness and love for the Lord will encourage you to run the race so as to win the prize.


Stand up, stand up, for Jesus,

Ye soldiers of the Cross.

Lift high His royal banner,

It must not suffer loss!



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