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Genesis Chapter 1 Verse 1 According To Atheists

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The Magic Of Atheism And Evolutionary Theories


Genesis Chapter 1 Verse 1 According To Atheists

golden book of evolution fairy tales


The following text is a realistic, blunt, yet tongue-in-cheek description of the atheistic, humanistic, evolutionary view of the origins of the universe and all things that are in it.


In the beginning there was nothing and somehow for no apparent reason the “nothing” turned into “everything” – but all in one spot smaller than the head of a pin because for some unknown reason all matter decided to be compressed into a teeny tiny speck, just so that we would be able to invent the Big Bang Theory.  Then this speck containing everything in the entire universe exploded for no reason and magically turned into perfectly functioning stars and galaxies, planets, moons, asteroids and gases (atmospheres).


All these stars and planets magically started obeying all the laws of physics, laws that magically govern how stars and planets operate and interact.  Everything magically settled down into perfectly round planets and moons, all spinning around their own axis and around the sun in a constant, consistent orbit, and all magically had just the right amount of gravity and right distance from the sun to maintain those constant orbits.  And one planet magically was the exact precise distance from exactly the right star needed to support organic life. This one magical planet magically had the perfect amount of gravity, the perfect temperature, the perfect atmosphere, the right elements and compounds needed to support life also.  And that one magical planet also had a magical moon that orbited it at exactly the right distance to cause tides to occur, but not too often and not too seldom and not too high and not too low, but just the right sequence of tides for the life forms that would evolve to depend on these tides.


Then one day, some of the chemicals on this magical planet decided it was time to “be somebody” – or some thing – so they magically got together and magically invented DNA, the organic computer program that tells cells how to build themselves.  Once these chemicals had invented DNA, they were now ready to magically became single celled living creatures, complete with just the right membranes for magically absorbing food and complete with digestive systems and mechanisms for maintaining themselves.  Of course that food already magically “evolved” just in time for the living creatures to have something to eat.  And of course we are 100% sure that that food that existed at the beginning was exactly the food needed by the first single celled creatures that evolved out of all those dead chemicals (chemicals that had magically evolved out of the “big explosion”).


And when these living creatures realized they might not live forever, they magically invented cell division so they could reproduce themselves.  Then these single celled creatures were not content being just one species, so they magically became tens of thousands (or perhaps more, we still don’t know how many) of different species of single-celled creatures. And some of these single cell creatures magically became multi-celled creatures, but they first had to magically add new information to their DNA programs.  Then these multi-celled creatures magically created more and more DNA information so that they could magically “evolve” (the evolutionist magician’s favorite word) into more and more complex creatures with more and more design features (that we don’t ever want to call “design” features because we hate that “D” word becauase we hate the “Designer”).


The Christian perspective on origins


The Christian who looks at the billions of stars, billions of galaxies, intricate design of all living things, even at the molecular level, is able, by the grace of God, to see and understand the awesome creativity and design in the world around him (or her) and appreciate, with amazement, that this beauty of creation is here for us mere humans to observe, study, learn from and enjoy.  When we hear of scientists studying toxic sea creatures to find a cure for a disease or to invent a new pain killer, we understand that God put those toxic creatures here to help us and to enable us to create and design things just as God has created and designed things.  How preposterous for us, with all our “intelligence”, to look at the design and construction of other living things – for us to use to design things for ourselves – and then deny that these things we see in nature had a designer themselves.  We look at bees and observe the design of their honeycombs, and then we go on to create high strength yet light weight materials by copying that honeycomb “design”.  We create cargo nets designed after similar designs in nature – like spider webs – yet the evolutionists would tell you that the spider, by random chance figured out how to make the silk for the web, figured out how to build the web and figured out how to secrete oil on his feet so he would not stick to his own web.  But of course, that poor spider, before he evolved, couldn’t make silk, couldn’t build a web and kept starving to death before he could evolve to the point that he needed to be at, so he wouldn’t starve to death.


“In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.” [Genesis 1:1-3]


Most, if not all evolutionary pseudo-scientists are so spiritually blind and in such rebellion against God that they don’t realize they are making up stories about origins so they can justify to themselves why they don’t have to care about how they live. It’s that simple and its that pathetic.  The enormous complexity of design in the universe screams from the highest heavens that there is a super intelligent creator God to whom we will have to give an account of our lives some day. — RM Kane



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