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Evolution – A Fairy Tale by Charles Darwin

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Evolution – A Fairy Tale By Charles Darwin

And Promoted By Evolution Evangelist Richard Dawkins

Darwin Evolution Evolutionist Fairy Tales

Once upon a time, there were some worms that decided they had been worms long enough and that it was time for them to become people, so they decided they should start eating lots of radioactive plutonium so that they could start mutating into higher life forms.  The only problem with their plan was they didn’t know where to get the plutonium. But then one day, some plutonium fell out of the sky, and landed right in their worm-hole.  What a tremendous stroke of luck for those frustrated worms!  So they all started munching on the plutonium, and before long, they started to mutate!  One mutated into a worm with 2 heads and another mutated into a worm with 2 tails.  But none of them mutated into any other kind of creature. So they then realized that besides the plutonium, they would need some additional genetic material, so they invented “gene splicing”. 


But then they had another problem: they had no higher life-forms to derive the genetic material from that was needed for the gene splicing.  So they invented a fairy tale called “evolution” so they would be able to talk about how they already became people even though they still looked like and acted like worms.  To make things sound convincing, every time they told their fairy tale they would include sophisticated scientific terminology like “millions and millions of years”, “countless positive mutations”, “the fossil record”, “similarities in DNA”, “evolutionary family tree”, “gene pool” and “survival of the fittest”. 


And as time went by, and as more and more worms repeated the fairy tale, more and more worms became convinced that they were really people who had mutated out of worms a long, long, looong time ago, after an unfathomable number of intermediate mutations. 


So remember: the key to making fairy tales believable is to talk about things as if they were indisputable facts rather than pure wishful thinking AND absolutely positively AVOID mentioning ANY evidence in the real world* that would expose the fairy tale for what it really is – just a lot of nonsense made up to try to convince people that something is true even though there is no solid evidence for it and lots of evidence for the true origin of life (Intelligent Design). And it also helps to REPEAT the fairy tale as often as possible, never calling it a fairy tale but instead saying that you are simply stating scientific FACTS – facts that should be OBVIOUS to any intelligent worm, I mean person. Also, be sure to make fun of anybody who says the fairy tale is only a fairy tale and be sure to never mention any of the evidence that supports your detractors.


In addition, you must NEVER allow anyone to find out that your fairy tale is based on a RELIGION, the religion of secular humanism.  Lastly, be sure to start teaching your fairy tales when your audience is young and trusting and not yet skilled at independent thinking.  The best way to do this is to infiltrate the public school system and do everything in your power to censor all evidence for Intelligent Design from the classroom. The End.


In case you have not yet figured it out, the above article was not really written by Charles Darwin but is a fairly accurate summation of what he preached – and also what the modern day evangelists of evolution believe – including men like Richard Dawkins who are more accurately described as over-zealous atheists rather than as they describe themselves (as evolutionary scientists).  Once you strip their evolutionary flatulence of all its scientific sounding jargon, all you have left is a lot of unsubstantiated claims sprinkled with generous portions of wild speculations.


* Real world evidence that evolutionists don’t like to talk about: astronomical mathematical probabilities, molecular machines, the law of entropy, symbiotic systems, fraudulent transitional fossils, a fossil record devoid of transitional life-forms, etc.



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