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Questions For The Evangelists Of Evolution

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Questions For The Evangelists Of Evolution


darwin monkey questions for atheists

  1. Who taught spiders how to make silk for their webs? How did they know how to make silk that was sticky to their prey but yet be able to avoid getting stuck on it themselves?  Who taught them how to make a valve to turn the excretion of silk on and off at will? Who taught them how to design a web?  How did they avoid becoming extinct before they learned all these things?

  3. Who taught bees how to make royal jelly, so that they could feed it to bee larvae in order to create a new queen?  Where did queen bees come from before bees knew how to make royal jelly?

  5. How did electric eels learn to make the power cells in their bodies to create the 500 volts needed for the electricity they produce?  How did they learn to electrocute their prey without electrocuting themselves?

  7. How did chameleons learn to change the color of their skin?  Why do they do that anyway – other lizards don’t have that ability and are still able to survive without doing that?

  9. How does your brain tell all the parts of you body what to do in order for you to walk down the street?  How are all those signals generated by your brain and transmitted just to the needed muscles at just the right instant to coordinate the proper motion of the proper body parts? 

  11. How does your iris in your eye know how to adjust itself to varying light conditions?  Were humans blind until their irises evolved properly?

  13. How does your stomach digest food without you doing anything to make that happen – besides eating? How did your body evolve just the right amount of stomach acid to be released at just the right time?  How do the stomach muscles contract and expand without you even thinking about it and at just the right frequency? How did your body evolve the ability to produce the proper enzymes needed to digest food into the specificy carbohydrates and sugars that your body needs to nourish its many types of cells?  How do the cells receive and absorb these nurtrients in the proper doses throughout the day?

  15. What starts your heart beating for the first time in your mother’s womb? 

  17. How does a growing embryo know how to create the various cell types in the right quantities and the right time, and when to stop developing and be born?  Where did that programming come from?  Random chance observed in nature does not explain that.

  19. How does your skin replace itself as it wears out and at just the right pace so that your skin does not get too thick or too thin?

  21. How does your body know when to stop growing and what makes each part grow uniformly according to the known pattern that distinguishes humans from other creatures?

  23. Why are non-mutated people the most fit and intelligent – and mutated people the most crippled?

  25. How did people evolve all the specialized glands that produce all the specialized chemicals and enzymes in all the right amounts always at the right time for all the needs of all the parts of the human body?

  27. Why are there over 2000 biological differences between men and women?

  29. How does the body know to heal itself after an injury?  How did that healing process come into existence?


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