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Evolution – A Gigantic Fraud

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Evolution – A Gigantic Fraud

Undoing 150 Years Of Darwinian Ignorance


“He hath made the earth by his power, he hath established the world by his wisdom, and hath stretched out the heavens by his discretion.” [Jeremiah 10:12]

 darwinian evolution theory fraud hoax scam lies bogus



In this article we will point out many of the serious problems with the theory of evolution and the many evidences in the world around us that point to Intelligent Design as the only reasonable, logical explanation for the universe and everything in it.  By the way, the author of this article holds BS & MS degrees in Computer Science (from two east coast engineering colleges) and is a recipient of the AT&T Engineering & Science Fellowship Award and he is quite capable of thoroughly studying science issues and quite competent at drawing accurate conclusions, based upon honest research about origins and other fields of study.  And unlike many evolutionists, the author is not afraid to seriously look at the evidence for Intelligent Design. And just like you, the author has access to the VAST resources of information on the Internet, including the resources that the evolutionists don’t want you to take seriously. I urge you to not listen to their mud-slinging oratories and do your own investigation.  I must admit that I am really nauseated to have to go through such a lengthy article to prove what should be obvious to any person claiming to be a scientist.  But even with all the information listed below, there will be many who just want to zealously cling to their “religion” of Evolution, also known as Secular Humanism.  Sadly, evidence disproving their “religion” usually means nothing to them.


Clever Artwork Does Not Prove Evolution Or Anything

Darwinism evolution theory gigantic fraud fake hoax example

Modern science and biology textbooks are loaded with clever artwork showing all sorts of “evidence” for evolution such as:

  • Timelines of rock layers and fossils
  • Evolutionary trees starting from single celled creatures and every life-form up to humans
  • Evolution of horses
  • Evolution of man

Yet all of these diagrams are just the imagination of artists and evolutionists.  There is no evidence anywhere on earth proving that any transitions of any kind ever took place, and certainly no evidence of how long it took for those imaginary transitions to take place. Any claims of evidence such as bone fragments of “cavemen” has all proven to be frauds, yet we still have pictures in textbooks and statues in museums – which only proves one thing: that secular humanists (i.e. evolutionists) are in control of most science institutes, museums and public school systems.


All Caveman Finds Have Been Proven to be Wrong or Hoaxes



Evolutionists Win Converts By Avoiding Real Science


The volume of evidence for Intelligent Design is mind boggling to say the least.  This isn’t 1859 any more when Charles Darwin came up with his theory of evolution in the book “On The Origin Of Species”. We’re living in the 21st century.  Our science and technology have taken ENORMOUS strides since Darwin’s day.  We’ve learned a LOT about the world around us in the past 150 years.  Yet, why do today’s evolutionists still promote the theory of evolution as if it was a fact?  Do you think any of them can give you a serious explanation as to how in the world the ATP Synthase Enzyme could have come about by random chance?  See for yourself.  Watch the video and try to convince yourself that you can see no evidence for Intelligent Design.

The ATP Synthase Enzyme – Undeniable Evidence For Intelligent Design



Evolutionists Are Stumped By The Most Basic Questions


Richard Dawkins – the modern day messiah of atheism and secular humanism – is regarded as the de facto expert on origins by many people worldwide. Yet is he any more competent at drawing conclusions about origins than you or I?  He has a PhD and undergraduate degrees in zoology, a field of study that presupposes the validity and reasonableness of the theory of evolution.  If instead, Mr. Dawkins was an expert at microbiology or genetics I might feel inclined to trust his opinion on origins. However, as you will see in the video below, even one of the most vocal and admired proponents of the theory of evolution – Richard Dawkins – is unable to provide answers to the most fundamental of questions about the origin of life in the universe.  In the video, Dawkins is interviewed by Ben Stein and Dawkins says that nobody knows how the universe got started and yet Dawkins says emphatically in the interview that he does not believe in God.  So, without God, without a “first cause”, you have a situation that cannot be explained by the rules of logic.  Which then results in Dawkins making up an illogical story, saying that the universe must have started when the first self-replicating system came into being.  Yet, you can’t get something (a self-replicating system) out of nothing, without throwing away logic.  The ONLY logical explanation for the creation of the universe or the creation of a self-replicating system or the creation of ANYTHING is to have a FIRST CAUSE, which – in the case of the creation of the universe – most people refer to as GOD.  So, Richard Dawkins, the man who wrote the book “The God Delusion” is actually the man who is delusional, because he thinks you can have a start to the universe WITHOUT a “first cause”, though he is careful not to state that opinion so bluntly.  Never-the-less, in the interview Dawkins never acknowledges that there had to be a “first cause” even though logic demands such a conclusion.


Richard Dawkins:

Supposedly One Of The Best Scientists & Experts That Evolutionists Have To Offer



Evolution Versus Undeniable Facts Against It


Why is the theory of evolution a gigantic fraud? Because it is in direct opposition to truth, as clearly evidenced in the world around us.  The theory of evolution ignores and even contradicts undeniable facts such as:



“Because all known information comes from a mind, the presence of large quantities of organized information in cells is evidence that a mind was involved (in the creation of cells).  Faith in the fantasy that the cell with all its information came from clay or organic broth is contrary to the evidence.  It is anti-science and should not be used to promote the religion of atheism in our tax supported public schools.  Nor should the evidence that information always comes from a mind be suppressed…. Atheists have freedom to have their (own) schools, and should not be allowed to use tax dollars to hide scientific evidence and promote in public school books, their faith that there is no Creator.” – source unknown


Polystrate Fossils – Evidence Against Millions Of Years



The Big Bang Or The Big Joke?


Who in their right mind would dare to conclude that our massive universe was created by a big explosion (a.k.a. the Big Bang) of some super-compressed matter about the size of a [pea, etc. – you fill in the blank]?  We are told that this is a reasonable theory for the origin of EVERYTHING in the known universe, except that this theory never answers basic questions like:

  • Where did all the INFORMATION come from that is built into our universe (DNA, laws of physics, laws of mathematics, etc.)
  • Where did the material come from that exploded?
  • What started the explosion?
  • Where in the universe has anyone ever observed order coming from chaos (i.e. an explosion)?
  • Stars explode when they reach their supernova stage, but nothing orderly results.
  • Volcanoes explode when pressure within builds up, but nothing orderly results.
  • People and other living organisms explode when subjected to the vacuum of space but that is only a sign of chaos (entropy).
  • Things in our world and in our universe decay, decompose, wind down, fall apart, become less orderly and so on.
  • Things evolving into something newer, better and more complex is simply not the way the universe works.

Traveling Through The Known Universe


As the following video shows, the universe is a vast display of the magnitude of creation: planets, moons, stars, galaxies and clusters of galaxies. There is order there too.  Moons spinning on their axis and spinning around planets. Planets spinning on their axis and spinning around stars. Stars emitting enormous amounts of energy at a specific rate, like amazingly powerful nuclear reactors.  And isn’t it interesting that all these objects in space are all basically round?  If the universe happened by some random process, why aren’t the moons and planets entirely random shapes, with some more flat than others, some more jagged, some more square and some oblong? Why are the moons and planets in constant orbits if there was a “Big Bang” at one point in time?  Shouldn’t everything be just flying out in more or less of a straight line from a common starting point, the so-called “point of singularity” where “everything” started from prior to the “Big Bang”? Why would the moons and planets decide to spin so precisely in their orbits if they all came flying out from an explosion long, long ago?



Our Solar System: Evidence of Creation



Modern Technological Devices Reveal Design In Our World


More and more, as new devices are invented and refined, we are able to learn more and more about the Intelligent Design that went into the systems withing all living things.  Medical scientists are constantly working on new cures and looking for reasons behind diseases and they do this by examining how our body’s systems are DESIGNED and how those systems interact with each other and how those systems break down, leading to disease and death.


The only way that evolutionists are able to pull off their evolution-scam-promoted-as-fact is by oversimplifying the argument.  Once upon a time it was excusable to believe in the evolution fairy tale, but not in today’s world of advanced science and technology. However, you would think that today’s evolutionists are stuck in the 1800’s based on the fact that they continue to promote backward and EXTREMELY OVERSIMPLIFIED ideas about origins that people held 150 years ago when they they did not have access to the technology we have at our disposal for examining the world around us. Here is just a short list of technology for examining living organisms and non-living objects that was not available when Darwin came up with his childish theory:

In spite of all the evidence we now have for Intelligent Design, the theory of evolution continues to be widely accepted, even as fact, yet it is founded on proven fossil frauds and on wild speculation that goes contrary to evidence in nature.  Its strongest proponents are just a bunch of zealous atheists who hate the idea of a Divine Creator whom they would be accountable to if they were to acknowledge the existence of His handiwork. Little do they know that they are accountable to Him – just like the rest of us – and there will be “Hell to pay” when they eventually and inevitably meet Him.


Modern Science Disproves Evolution And Proves Intelligent Design


With breakthroughs in technology, modern science easily DISPROVES that humans or any life of any kind could have evolved by “random chance”.  In fact, when someone makes the claim that life as we know it evolved by “chance” they don’t even realize what they are saying. “Chance” is not a thing. It is not a thing capable of evolving or creating life.  “Chance” is just a word used in the area of probabilities and statistics within the field of mathematics.  Its not an instrument of any kind that can produce life or alter life. So such an “explanation” for the origin of life is really no explanation at all, just a fairy tale being repeated by those who believe in the fairy tale called Evolution.


Molecular Machines – Glaring Evidence For Intelligent Design



The Human Body – The Ultimate Example Of Intelligent Design


The complexity of the human body with its many different types of interconnected systems, organs, glands, and other components is just shouting with evidence for Intelligent Design.  All the various systems of the human body are tied together and work together (endocrine system, vascular system, lymph system, nervous system, etc.).  Each system is constantly in as state of regeneration, rebuilding, repairing and waste removal.  All of this happens automatically and at precisely timed intervals and all is carefully regulated by various parts of the body. Who designed all these intricate systems and all the regulating mechanisms? Random chance does not explain it.  Here are some examples of the complex components and systems that make up the human body:

The Human Body – A Video Series By National Geographic


NOTE: The full National Geographic video can be found at YouTube.com but in the interest of being “Family Friendly” I have not linked to it here for parents who may not wish their children to see the birthing process or a baby nursing – at least not without parental supervision.



Modern science which has produced the tools of electron microscopes and deep-space telescopes allows us to see things that Charles Darwin and his followers could never see.  Things like molecular motors within single celled bacteria.  Things like T-cells and B-cells that identify, attack and dispose of viruses and other things that invade our bodies.  And now we know not only how complicated the lymph system is in our body, we are starting to understand how various parts of our body intricately work together in harmony to do different jobs and to create different materials (in just the right quantities) that our bodies need to survive, minute by minute and day by day.


The Human Immune System – More Amazing Evidence For Intelligent Design




Complexity, Design And Order All Around Us Daily


Have you ever wondered how your eyes see something in your path as you’re walking down the street, then your brain then tells you to jump around it and somehow your brain tells all the muscles in your body to move certain coordinated ways at a certain time to accomplish this task?  Or how does a dog know to lift his leg on a fire hydrant, then at that precise moment his brain opens the valve in his bladder, and he pees… just a certain amount… then he closes the bladder valve and starts moving on to the next point in his daily walk?  The enormous complexity of design required for all this to happen cannot adequately be explained by any of the oversimplified arguments that evolutionists have to offer us.


The Photosynthesis Process In Plants…

Factories Within Plant Cells That Produce Food…

More Undeniable Proof Of Intelligent Design


Most plants use light from the sun and carbon dioxide from the air to create all sorts of chemicals needed for growth and life.  The process is not at all explainable by random chance if you know anything about statistical probabilities.  Of course if you throw reason out the window, you may perhaps be able to convince yourself to believe that things as complicated and as sophisticated as we see in nature just happened by “accident”.



Honey Bees: More Design Than An Evolutionist Can Handle…

Worker Bees, Drones, Queen Bees…

Beeswax, Honey, Royal Jelly


Honey bees have all the equipment built into their bodies that they need in order to produce bees wax for the hive, to convert plant nectar to honey and to make Royal Jelly for feeding to larvae, which in some cases they will use to create a new queen. Just try to find a scientist who can design a tiny factory the size of a bee that is able to produce all those materials with just a supply of pollen and nectar.  Try to find an evolutionist who can explain how Royal Jelly turns a bee larvae into a queen bee.  Also noteworthy is the fact that bees have a symbiotic relationship with many kinds of plants, serving those plants by pollenating them so the plants can bear seeds in exchange for the pollen and nectar that the plants offer to the bees.



Bugs That Are Architechs

Building Multi-Layer Cocoons


Are we to believe that random chance taught this bug how to make such an elaborate cocoon? How did the bug learn how to make the silk for the cocoon?  How did he “evolve” the built-in chemical factory needed for this process?  Where did he go to school to learn the fine art of cocoon making? How in the world can ANYONE with even half a brain believe in evolution after examining all the evidence for Intelligent Design?



Evolution Is Taught Using Bogus “Facts” And By Omitting Vast Amounts Of Evidence For Intelligent Design


“Expert” evolutionists don’t even believe their own theories, but they have nowhere else to turn but to God, and to God they refuse to turn.  And so all they can do is run from the truth and suppress the truth from others, which they do quite rigorously.  It is amazing how little information it takes to brainwash a public school student into believing in evolution.  Its just a matter of repeating lies often enough and withholding any information that supports contrary views or that makes their own theories look foolish.


“Could it be that the ‘atheist’ can’t find God, for the same reason a thief can’t find a policeman?” – Ray Comfort


Design: The Evolutionary Nightmare – Dr. G. Thomas Sharp



“If science is now the “activity of seeking natural explanations,” then science now has a religious purpose.  It is not to find the true explanations, fall where they may, but natural explanations, which means explanations which don’t involve an intelligent designer.  This is an atheistic religious goal, and it has determined the conclusion a scientist is (supposed) to reach before he even starts his research!” – Peter Keeting, “God and Man in OZ” George, Oct. 2000, p. 87




After reviewing all the evidence presented in this article, how can anyone but a complete moron or a bold-faced liar claim that there is no evidence for Intelligent Design in the world around us?  The next time you hear some evolutionist talk about how we evolved by random chance or some random processes from just a batch of super-compressed gases that exploded, expanded and then evolved over billions of years, remind yourself that there is no solid evidence for their claims (though there may be plenty of “manufactured” evidence).  And remind yourself that there is an enormous amount of evidence for Intelligent Design, and that those evolutionists are just using grossly over-simplified make-believe examples and fake diagrams to back up their wild claims.  We should not be surprised that evolutionists cling to their dying theory with a death grip.  Many of them seem to be less concerned about real science and more interested in denying the existence of an almighty creator God (especially the God of the Christian Bible) because many of them are on a crusade against God for various reasons.  — RM Kane




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