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Why Teaching Evolution Is Evil

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Why Teaching Evolution Is Evil


We are living in a nation that is every day violating its own sacred document, the Constitution. In the manner of separation of church and state, a defacto state religion HAS been imposed on us — the religion of evolutionism. Make no mistake, it IS a religion — a demonstrably FALSE religion that is DIRECTLY responsible for the destruction of our society through the disintegration of our families. It is a religion based on unprovable assumptions and outright lies, defying all logic and common sense — as well as the very laws of nature and the laws of probability and statistics. It is a religion that is ultimately based on…NOTHING!


Evolutionism is based on the premise that random processes, chance occurances undirected by any intelligence, are responsible for the vast and wonderful universe we find ourselves living in, sharing it with an incredible diversity of fascinating life forms. Evolutionism demands we ignore the clear evidence of our senses, to reject the ability of our intellect to discern between order and chaos, and to put aside common sense itself! Evolutionism presents us with another deity to worship — the god of nothing!


Parents, if you are sending your children into an environment where they will be indoctrinated in this false reigion, inculcated with its treacherous, anti-God dogmas, you could not be doing them a greater disservice! By relegating Jesus to the same realm as Santa Claus, the easter bunny and other mythological and/or fantasy characters, the relationship of the child to Jesus is directly threatened! I apologize ahead of time for the dismay and heartaches my contentions are bound to cause, especially to those sending their children to public schools. Please forgive me, but I don’t see any gentle manner in which to say this: evolutionism and Biblical Christianity are incompatible! Anything that threatens the relationship between Jesus and the dear little ones He loves so much — it must be rejected! When we compromise our faith in Jesus Christ for whatever reason, the entire foundation of our faith begins to crumble!


I’m sorry, but there just is no mild, inoffensive way to put this: when children are exposed to Darwinism and it’s anti-God tenets, they are being brainwashed by Satan himself, their impressionable minds filled with DOCTRINES OF DEMONS! If we want to find the reason behind the increasingly godless direction in which our nation and our world is headed, IT IS BECAUSE OUR CHILDREN ARE BEING GIVEN OVER TO THE ENEMY’S SCHOOLS, TO BE TAUGHT BY HIS MINISTERS!!! There is just no pleasant way to say this.


Teaching evolution is evil. Jesus Christ and Darwin have nothing in common. Again, I’m sorry for upsetting you, but if you examine what I’m saying in light of Scripture, I believe you will come to agree with me…Not only with me, but ultimately, with the Lord Himself! I don’t expect to gain any popularity with this message, but I believe the Lord wants me to proclaim it. We are living in a time where the world grows increasingly more evil with every passing day! We need to get our children out of the satanic environment of the public school in favor of one where the Lord is honored and where His Ways are taught! Otherwise, we will be the last generation of believers and our children will belong to the devil! — Nestor Jaremko – 5-21-2013



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