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Oh Lord oh Lord my God, My heart is full of longing, Full of hunger,  Full of desire,  Full of need, That only You can satisfy, Could ever satisfy...
Oh Abba Adonai Elohim One purpose alone remains with me -- To enter into Your Holy Presence, To do that for which You made me -- To come and worship You! To worship You with all my heart and soul -- You alone can make me whole! To worship You with my all spirit, strength and mind! When I knew You, I knew there was nothing left to find! You are my life's Supreme Purpose, My destination and my goal, My life's true meaning, Doing that for which You expressly made me -- To worship only You alone!
Oh Lord Oh Lord Oh Lord There is none none none That can compare to You!!! When I was washed in that Holy Cleansing Blood, When I entered Your Throneroom of Grace When I beheld Your Face Light, Pure Light, Overwhelming Light There was nothing left of me, Nothing left of 'I'... I was/am/will be Yours alone For ever...
Like a molecule of water in the ocean, Surrounded by countless other molecules -- And You know each one of us by name!!! We are an ocean, Lord, We are Your ocean, Lord, We worship You in one accord! An ocean of worship Praising the Light The Light You Are The Life You Are Our Light and Life You Are!
Ocean of worship rejoicing!!! We were made by You -- Made for You Alone!!! Ocean of worship exuberant!!! Lord, You have brought me to my true eternal Home!!! I exalt You, Lord!!! I praise You, Lord!!! I bless You, Lord!!! I lift up Your Holy Name, Lord!!! Now and forever, I worship You, my Lord!!! Now and forever, Lord, I worship You alone!!!
Nestor Jaremko 5-19-2013

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