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Why We Can Say That The Theory Of Evolution Is Promoted By Pseudo-Scientific Dummies

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Why We Can Say That The Theory Of Evolution Is Promoted By Pseudo-Scientific Dummies

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“The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God.” Psalm 14:1

The evolutionist hath said in his heart, There is no need for the Creator God of the Bible.



This article explains how the theory of evolution is promoted by psuedo-scientists who prove they are dummies by all the evidence for Intelligent Design that they totally ignore, gloss over, sweep under the proverbial carpet or have no reasonable explanations for. I will briefly address those issues here. As you will see, it doesn’t take much investigating to realize that evolutionary theories are not based on solid observable evidence and in fact, the evidence is to the contrary. Evidence in nature supporting “intelligent design” is overwhelming. I hope this short article will help you to see some of the glaring problems with evolutionary theories of the origins of life.

Some Very Basic And Profound Problems With Evolutionary Theory

  1. Logic and real-world evidence dictates that everything has a “first cause”, except of course, by definition, a supernatural eternal Creator. Evolutionists have no true, legitimate “first cause” in any of their “origins” models.

  3. In our observable universe, non-living things cannot and do not turn into living things capable of reproducing themselves, yet this false assumption is a major “cornerstone” of evolutionary theory. To put it another way: The many “theories” of evolution can never, in good faith, get off the starting line.

  5. It is dishonest to claim that evolution on our planet was “seeded” by creatures from another planet, as that is not an observable phenomenon. It is only wild speculation and a childish fairy tale of someone who lacks evidence. It is not “science” by any stretch of the definition. Also, it is a bizarre “head in the sand” way of trying to avoid dealing with the “first cause” problem and yet there are many evolutionists who subscribe to this goofy idea as if it was somehow “scientific”.

  7. Living things do not evolve into creatures with more DNA (genetic instructions) than their parents. Just like you can’t get something from nothing, you can’t get more parts (i.e. more complexity) from less parts.

  9. Variation that is designed into living creatures is NOT evolution even though many evolutionists want to believe that it is. It is simply “variation within species” as even evolutionary pseudo-scientists must admit when pressured into telling the truth.

  11. The amount of intelligence built-into the tiny brains of living creatures like insects is mind-boggling… pun intended.

  13. Rather than trying to explain any obvious examples of complex design in the natural world, evolutionists tend to focus on small variations and overly simplistic models that allow them to get away with deceiving their audiences.

  15. Evolutionists use the fossil record as evidence for their theories, and yet fossils are only evidence of catastrophic death of creatures buried rapidly in mud, volcanic ash or sediment. There is NOTHING observable in the fossil record that allows for an honest conclusion that one fossil evolved or some how transitioned into yet another life form, including a more complex life form. There are even fossilized trees that span multiple layers of fossilized sediment, making it obvious that the tree fossils are the result of multiple layers of rapidly forming sediment, not the result of millions of years of evolution. If a person takes a look at the massive amounts of fossils world wide, you may actually have to admit (if you not a truth denier), that such massive catastrophic burying of living creatures is extremely compelling evidence for a world wide flood as mentioned in the biblical account of Noah and his ark.

  17. The idea that the universe is the result of an explosion called the “Big Bang” is as silly as it gets. Explosions destroy order, they don’t create or increase order. In fact, it is a scientific LAW, the law of entropy, that declares that things in our universe tend towards DISORDER.

  19. The theory that humans are here on earth because they evolved over millions of years from some sort of “primordial slime” is as insane as the Big Bang theory. I would sooner believe that a super-computer evolved out of a pile of rocks because the mathematical probably of the latter is far likelier than the former.

  21. There are ZERO examples in the entire world of evolution occurring at this point in time. All we see are examples of EXTINCTION. How about that?

How Do Evolutionists Get Away With Their False “Science”?

  • Evolutionists claim that extremely long periods of time are needed for living creatures to evolve. But no amount of TIME can add INFORMATION (i.e. new genetic material) to a creature’s DNA.

  • Evolutionists use the term “random chance” as if it was some kind of causative factor that enables living things to evolve, when it is only a mathematical term for probability. And the probability for the vast amount of complex lifeforms on earth coming into existence by “random chance” over millions or billions of years is ZERO which is why we see ZERO examples of evolution occurring around us in the world today.

  • The design that we can obviously see in the billions of living creatures throughout our world requires a Designer and in the next section we will see some very interesting – yet not at all uncommon – examples of design in the world around us.

Obvious Examples Of Intelligent Design In Nature

  • Single-celled creatures such as amoebas could not have evolved into more complex creatures. They do not have the DNA instructions to make that happen.
  • Creatures that reproduce by cell-division could not have evolved into male and female.
  • Spiders could not have evolved. To survive they need to be born fully functional, knowing how to build webs, having the silk web making machinery and having oily feet that don’t stick to their own webs. Spiders don’t have teeth, so they have to liquefy their prey before they consume them. They use enzymes to break down a prey’s body into a liquid form, which is then sucked through the spider’s straw-like mouth into its stomach. And you want me to believe all that just evolved by… RANDOM CHANCE?
  • Bees could not have evolved. They have too many complex co-dependent systems. They need to be able to find pollen, have the bodily equipment to gather pollen and the ability to process pollen into honey, make beeswax, build honeycombs, and MAKE ROYAL JELLY that turns a larva into a Queen. And bees need several types of bees (worker bees, drones & queens) in their colonies in order for those colonies to function and survive.
  • Lightning bugs could not have evolved. What “survival of the fittest” rule would explain their glow material and their ability to turn their lights off and on at will?
  • Butterflys and moths could not have evolved. How in the world can ANYTHING BUT Intelligent Design explain the transformation of a caterpillar into a flying insect that does so by building a cocoon and then liquifying itself and then totally reforming itself into an entirely new creature?
  • Electric eels could not have evolved. They would have died off LONG before they could have evolved the ability to produce electric shocks for their protection and survival.
  • The ultimate example of Intelligent Design in our world is human beings. Each human consists of multiple complex systems that all work together to allow humans to exist. Some of those systems include: circulatory system, nervous system, digestive system, skeletal system, reproductive system and immune system. Billions of years of evolution is not a reasonable explanation for that enormous level of complexity. TIME alone can create NOTHING. DNA mutations only cause negative results (hence the term “birth defects”) or minor modifications that provide no new design changes.


I could give many, many more examples of Intelligent Design in the world around us but it should be obvious by this point that evolution is a ridiculous idea, not even worthy of being called a scientific theory and it should have been put to rest the moment Charles Darwin first proposed the idea. I was taught evolution in public school and I simply believed it. The simplified arguments in favor of it made sense as long as you didn’t hear any arguments against it. This is what evolutionists depend on. I have since learned that evolution is simply part of the religion of secular humanism. For secular humanists, nature is an eternal, self-perpetuating force, simply because they want to believe that to be true, not because it is true. It takes MORE FAITH to believe in the theory of evolution than in Intelligent Design when presented with all the FACTS. — RM Kane

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