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I did not see Thee lifted high
Amid the savage mob;
I did not hear Thy rending cry,
“Forgive them, O my God!”


But, Lord, I know it was for me
Thy blood and tears were poured;
And now, through weeping eyes, I see
My wounded, precious Lord.


I did not see the awful night
That hid Thee, O my Lord;
I did not see Jehovah smite
The Shepherd with the sword;


But now I know the judgment fell
Upon thy sacred Head,
To save my guilty soul from Hell
And raise me from the dead.


I did not hear Thy loud last sigh
When love’s great work was done,
That rent the veil, the earth and sky
And told that life was won;


But, Lord, I know that Thou hast died
And tasted death for me;
Exalted at Thy Father’s side,
My Lord, my God I see.


-Elias Newman


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