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If I'm not walking with the Lord, More than likely, I'm running from Him; If I'm not talking with the Lord, I'm trying to ignore Him; I've attempted not to pay attention To what the Lord was saying to me, In that small still voice of His... But in the end always realizing That I'm fighting a hopeless battle, That I possibly cannot win, Because whenever I need Him,  I'll still call on Him... Who else is there? Where else is there to go?
With the Lord, There is no standing still -- We are either drawing closer, Or we're moving further away; With the Lord, We are either growing In the Grace and Knowledge of Jesus Christ, Or we are actively forgetting What we have already learned; The Knowledge of the Lord Is the kind that must be acted upon, Or it will be taken away!
Yes, indeed, the Lord did give us gifts, But these gifts must be shared with others, Or we will see them disappear; Whatever we do in our lives Is to be done in conjunction With our fellow human beings -- For our fellow human beings -- The Lord designed us to be social creatures; We are meaningless when isolated, Not fulfilling our purpose, Like fruit withering on the vine.
The Lord created us To glorify Him, Not to worship ourselves, Not to be satisfied with ourselves, Not to be gazing into a mirror, (Lying to ourselves!), But to be actively seeking Him. Pride has no place in our lives -- We did not create ourselves! Our true satisfaction Will come only in our desire for Him, In our longing for Him, Like a thirsty flower longs for rain, Daily -- needfully! -- joyfully, Recognizing our own inadequacies, Shortcomings and flaws, And acknowledging that our lives Can only find their true purpose And meaning In Him.
So when we feel those inner longings, A hunger that food will not satisfy, A thirst that water cannot slake, A deep desire for something intangible, Emotions we cannot define, Heartaches that we cannot overcome, Thoughts impossible to put into words, Stirrings deep within ourselves, That we do not understand... It is the Lord drawing us to Himself. His desire for us is simple -- So simple, yet so profound! -- It is for us to surrender ourselves to Him, To return to Him the love With which He loved us first!
Nestor Jaremko 6-5-2013

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