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Why You May Someday Convert To Islam

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Why You May Someday Convert To Islam

Because the Muslims in charge will kill you if you don’t convert.

We are referring to the radical extreme Muslims which are often the Muslims who obtain power in Islamic majority nations.


PLEASE NOTE: The United States federal government is already more of a threat to US citizens than any Muslims residing there.


You won’t even be safe if you’re already a Muslim – if the radicals in power consider you to be an apostate – too liberal or too moderate for their liking.  And since we live in a society that is increasingly ignorant of history, the likelihood of evil power hungry people getting into power is very high.  In fact, the phenomenon of evil, corrupt and ruthless people getting into positions of power (in governments, in financial institutions, in huge corporations, in the media, in the military and in religions) is constantly occurring around the world, even in our own backyards, but we often don’t realize it. The foxes are raiding the henhouse while the hens peacefully sleep.


And if radical Muslims (or others like them) are willing to die for their cause, it will take people who love freedom enough to die for it, in order to overthrow the radicals.  The world bankers and international gangsters are also busy manipulating people, governments and economic policies to cause even more havoc than some radical Muslims are capable of producing.  This coming to power of evil men is one way that God judges sinful, immoral nations like the United States, England and just about every nation on earth at the present time.  Lust, idolatry, self-centeredness, immorality, murder (including abortion) are at an all time high in the history of the world.  God’s judgment is about to knock at the door of humanity.  Are your ready?


“During the “Islamization” of a nation, at under 2 percent of the population, Muslims are viewed as a peace-loving minority. When they approach 5 percent, they develop enclaves or ghettos where non-Muslims are unwelcome. They also begin to recruit among street gangs, prisoners and other discontents. France has 8 percent and has had hundreds of cars burned by street gangs. These “nogo” zones revert to rule by sharia law and government police often fear to enter. At 10 to 20 percent, jihad militias begin forming, churches and synagogues are attacked, and riots occur over things like anti-Islamic cartoons and videos.


Informative DVD About Fundamentalist Islam:

Islam – What The West Needs To Know

Kenya and parts of India and Russia are in this category. Above 40 to 60 percent, unfettered persecution breaks out against all “non-believers,” with genocide and ethnic cleansing as in Albania, Bosnia and Lebanon. The goal is to usher in “Dar-es-salaam” the Islamic House of Peace where everyone is Muslim. Saudi Arabia, Iran, Somalia, and Afghanistan are examples of 99-100 percent. Sharia rules, the Qur’an is the only Word and even possessing a Bible in these countries can be a capital offense.” [from “Is Britain Finished”, Battlecry Magazine, July/Aug 2008, Chick Publications]



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