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Learning About Human Health From A Sick Dog

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Learning About Human Health From A Sick Dog

A dog that had been OVER-vaccinated resulting in Vaccinosis

dog sick too many vaccines vaccinations shots vaccinosis

This article is for those of you who want cures that strengthen and heal your body, and not just “treatments” that suppress or mask your symptoms. My dog suffered from an immune system disorder caused by TOO MANY VACCINATIONS. The term for that disorder is called vaccinosis – though most doctors and vets won’t ever mention that term. I had to find out about it online at a holistic veterinarian website. The disorder my dog had was one that people get too, called “immune-mediated thrombocytopenia”, which caused my dog to almost bleed to death from too few platelets – or an immune system that was destroying her platelets… I could never get a proper diagnosis about that. I went to a high ranking vet (at a veterinary college) and they prescribed… prednisone… the ever-popular quick fix for immune system disorders. Did it work? Well in about 2 days, the dog stopped bleeding when she pooped (which was the issue that caused me to bring her to the vet) but her platelet level never went completely back up to normal, and I had her blood checked every week for 8 weeks. What I did find out, by going back through the paperwork for my dog’s veterinary visits, was that she was getting between 8 or 9 vaccines per year, which included shots that bundled 4 or 5 vaccines into ONE single shot.
Since I don’t trust the medical system (animal or human) any further than I can spit, I immediately got online and located immune boosting supplements for dogs and started my dog on that, about a week after she first started the bleeding. After 8 weeks on Prednisone, my dog almost died. She had been eating fine for those first 8 weeks and drinking water like a thirsty camel, but then the next day, she laid down in my back yard and wouldn’t touch any food or water, and looked like she was going to die. She didn’t move from that one spot in the yard all day. Now the vet had recommended I get the dog off of the prednisone and onto a chemo pill but never made it clear why they kept pushing me to do that. However, at that 8 week mark, I understood why. I had already started weaning my dog off of prednisone and onto the chemo pill but that day she laid down to die, I decided to stop the prednisone and the chemo pill and just keep her on the immune boosting supplements, not knowing if she would even live to see another day. In fact, I was so convinced she was going to die, that I dug a hole in my yard to bury her. The very next day after stopping the prednisone my dog got noticeable stronger, day by day. Then, to save money on the dog-specific immune supplements, I started giving the dog my own immune boosting supplements every day – one small scoop of green super food powder (an excellent source of antioxidants) and one small scoop of brewer’s yeast powder (a great source of B vitamins and other nutrients).
Conclusion of story: While the vets estimate that a dog with her condition (low platelet immune system disorder) can AT MOST live another 6 months WITH THEIR STANDARD BIG PHARMA TREATMENTS (i.e. steroids and chemo pills), my dog lived another 3 and a half years, to the relatively ripe old age of 15 which is pretty good for a large (80 pound) dog. I have since learned that the green super-food powder (all of the brands/mixes are pretty helpful), is a very highly recommended immune system booster for humans. Also, red grapefruit is supposed to be an extremely powerful human immune boosting food. In fact, grapefruit is so HELPFUL for the immune system, that it was the one and only food on earth that my wife was not allowed to eat – because she was on immune-suppressing meds for her kidney transplant! My wife eventually died from lymphoma caused by the destruction of her immune system from many years of immune suppression drugs, prescribed to prevent her body from rejecting her kidney transplant.
Another take-away from this sick-dog experience is to avoid shots for yourself and your pets AT ALL COSTS. Once I discovered that my dog had been so heavily vaccinated that her immune system had become damaged, I never took my dog for another rabies shot (which means you can’t license your dog in most towns). Through some research on the Internet, I learned that a rabies shot is actually good for the life of the dog and the 3-year rabies shot is no different than the 1-year shot. Its all about making money for Big Pharma veterinarians… not for the health and well being of our pets. And just to make you really think twice about running out to get a vaccine every time they crank out another wonder-jab… I personally know a man who GOT polio from the vaccine and has not had use of his legs since he was 6 months old. I also know a man who was extremely healthy and fit (and I believe he was in his 20s at the time) who had to spend two weeks in a hospital after almost dying from a flu shot. And I urge you to check out the VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System) to see how many people were injured or killed by the wonderful COVID death jabs.

More About Vaccinosis And Vaccine Damage To Dogs, Cats & Other Pets:


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