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Unanswered Questions About The COVID Pandemic

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Unanswered Questions About The COVID Pandemic

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  • If the pandemic was so deadly, why didn’t all the homeless people die? They have bad hygiene, bad diets, unsanitary living conditions, bad immune systems due to drug/alcohol abuse and often little or no access to medications or medical care.

  • Why was the PCR test used to detect COVID cases when the inventor of the PCR Test (Dr. Kary Mullis) said the test is unable to tell the difference between COVID, the flu and the common cold?

  • Why were the PCR tests administered in such a dangerous way, that there was a potential for the test swabs to puncture a person’s blood-brain barrier? Since when have tests been done this way? What’s wrong with using oral swabs? DNA testing for ancestry research is done with oral swabs all the time.

  • Why does the mainstream media, the government and government health agencies say the vaccine is safe and effective when their own Adverse Events Database lists tens of thousands of vaccine related deaths and millions of vaccine attributed illnesses?

  • If the vaccines actually work, then why are booster shots required? Historically a vaccine was usually effective at preventing disease for decades or even for a lifetime. Reports are coming out that boosters are ineffective at best and harmful at worst.

  • “Sudden Infant Death Syndrome” (SIDS) came on the scene when vaccination programs for children were ramped up like never before in history. Now the explanation for adults dying suddenly is to avoid mentioning the COVID vaccines and just call these deaths “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome“. Try to find anyone researching this issue.

  • People have reported that COVID vaccine vials are shipped without any ingredients list and without any accompanying insert regarding their possible side-effects and recommendations for handling those side-effects. Also researchers have discovered ingredients in the vaccines that are extremely dangerous to a person’s health. Some of these ingredients can be deadly.

  • Why would COVID vaccinations be mandated even for those who already have natural immunity from having had the virus? This is unnecessary, useless and previously unheard of. It is even deadly and dangerous considering many people have had horrific reactions to the vaccines. Scientists are starting to admit that natural immunity is better than vaccine immunity.

  • Why were face masks mandated even when they historically are used only on sick people to keep them from spreading germs when they coughed or sneezed? And why would face masks be used so often for so many hours when OSHA and other safety organizations have warned about the serious buildup in the body of dangerous carbon dioxide as well as serious loss of oxygen caused by face mask use as well as other serious mask-related health problems?

  • Why has Medicare been paying hospitals $13,000 for every hospital patient claimed to be COVID infected and why were they also paying hospitals $39,000 for every COVID patient put on a ventilator?

  • Why was a dangerous drug called Remdesivir used as a primary drug by hospitals for COVID treatment when the drug failed miserably in field trials in Africa (it was fatal) and when there were obvious conflicts of interest with Anthony Fauci being the Remdesivir patent holder. Is it coincidental that Remdesivir caused kidney failure which in turn caused bodily fluid buildup which then caused patients to develop fluid buildup in their lungs, causing them to die under the appearance of COVID pneumonia?

The author of this article believes that powerful world leaders are basically evil. He also believes the conspiracy theory that Adolph Hitler murdered 30 million people including 6 million Jews. He also believes the conspiracy theory that Chairman Mao of China murdered 60 million of his own Chinese citizens. He also believes that Joseph Stalin murdered around 40 million of his own Russian citizens.
If you trust your government, you are strongly urged to watch this video:

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