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Missing Link Found

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Missing Link Found!

A Parody About The Theory Of Evolution

Exposing The Non-Science & Non-Sense Behind That Quack Theory

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Some examples of the lengths that evolutionists will go to create fake cavemen in order to create fake evidence for their totally unjustifiable theory of origins:

  • Javaman: The bones of this fossil did not show whether their owner (or owners) had much body hair or not. That did not stop “scientists” from creating drawings of “Java man” that showed all the “required” amount of body hair, the stereotypical club in his hand, and so on. Although no face bones were been found, the “scientists” made sure that their drawings showed “half-man, half-ape” features. For a approximately 30 years, the man who discovered the bones (a Mr. Eugene Dubois) did not bother to announce that he had also found two human skulls in the same general location and level, in a gravel deposit.

  • Lucy: Much has been written about a 40% complete fossil skeleton of a young female, ape-like creature, about 12 years in age that was found in Ethiopia in the mid 1970’s.   At the time, this was claimed to be a representative of the oldest human ancestors, and “guestimated” to be over a million years old.   Most textbooks – to this day – use this fraud as their strongest evidence for human evolution. The whole scam fell apart when the discoverer himself admitted that the thigh bone, (the key piece in the whole speculation that “Lucy” walked upright) was found over a half mile away from the rest of the skeleton, and obviously was not from the same set of bones!

  • Coelancanth: This was supposedly a missing link between fish and land animals until one was caught by a fisherman in 1938 off the coast of Madagascar.   Since then, a number of these unusual creatures have been caught.   Obviously, it’s no longer a missing link if it is still alive today!

So don’t let your “science” teachers at school try to con you with the false information found in practically all public school text-books about evolution and the science of origins. Most public school teachers have studied little if anything about the TRUE science of “Intelligent Design“. So they keep repeating the same old false dogma of the atheistic evolutionists who write the science books they use in their classrooms, indoctrinating students with the same “random-chance” evolutionary nonsense year after year. Random chance will NEVER be able to explain the massive amounts of phenomenal DESIGN found in our observable universe, because random chance is not a causative factor. It in no way explains where the “designs” found in all life forms came from. What teachers and promoters of evolutionary theory tout as “science” is nothing more than the RELIGION of secular humanism… nothing more. There is zero science and mountains of conjecture based on zero observable evidence for their theory of evolution. What they call “evolution of a species” is nothing more than variation within species or variation within “kinds”. But in a world that does not want to be accountable to the God of the Bible, the theory of evolution offers them false temporary comfort thinking that God can be explained away by their laughable theories on origins.


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