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Testimonies Of Children, Martyrs, Missionaries And Former Priests & Nuns

Testimonies Of Former Priests, Nuns, Missionaries, Martyrs

And Testimonies of Children Who Died In Plagues

testimonies former priests nuns dying children conversion experiences

Former Nun Testimonies

The stories of women who were nuns who left the convents of the Catholic church after being converted by God to true Christianity.


Former Priests Testimonies

The stories of men who were priests who left the Catholic church after being converted by God to true Christianity.


Missionaries Testimonies

The stories of missionaries who made a mark on this world for… Continue reading

The Loving Art of Spanking

The Loving Art of Spanking

by Philip Lancaster


One of the saddest stories in the Bible is that of Eli and his sons (1 Samuel 2-4). Eli was the chief priest of Israel in the generation before King Saul. It was he to whom the boy Samuel was entrusted by his mother Hannah, to be raised in the priestly family. Eli’s sons, Hophni and Phinehas, served as priests under the direction of their father during the time Samuel was… Continue reading

No-Fault Child Raising

No-Fault Child Raising

by Philip Lancaster


Is God faithful? Is man responsible? Do our moral actions have predictable consequences, or are God’s dealings with his children utterly capricious?


The answers to these questions appear to be in doubt for a large segment of the evangelical community in the late 20th Century. While we rail at the world and our secular society for its lack of faith in God and its failure to hold men accountable for their actions,… Continue reading

Not My Children!

Not My Children!


Most of us have seen the card-pack form of advertising in which we receive a bundle of postcard-sized ads related by some common theme like family life, church ministry, or home schooling. A pack recently sent out was devoted to youth ministries in the church—and was it ever an eye-opener!


Bear in mind that these ads are directed at youth workers in Christian churches (words in quotation marks are directly from the ads):


Item… Continue reading

Training Your Children For Christ

Training Your Children For Christ

by General William Booth

Edited and paraphrased by Martin Bennet


There are certain things that parents must do – indeed, that only parents can do – if their children are to become true servants of God. I don’t want to hide the fact that what I’m setting before you will not be gained without considerable difficulty, carefulness, and work. However, nothing truly good or great is ever accomplished without trouble. I am certain that… Continue reading

Featured Gospel Message

Christ Died For The Ungodly

by Horatius Bonar

The divine testimony concerning man is, that he is a sinner. God bears witness against him, not for him; and testifies that "there is none righteous, no, not one"; that there is "none that doeth good"; none "that understandeth"; none that even seeks after God, and, still more, none that loves Him (Psa. 14:1-3; Rom. 3:10-12). God speaks of man kindly, but severely; as one yearning over a lost child, yet as one who will make no terms with sin, and will "by no means clear the guilty." <continued>

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