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The KJV Translators’ Preface To The Reader

The Translators’ Preface To The Reader
In The 1611 KJV Bible

kjv translators preface to the reader



Zeal to promote the common good, whether it be by devising anything ourselves, or revising that which hath been laboured by others, deserveth certainly much respect and esteem, but yet findeth but cold entertainment in the world. It is welcomed with suspicion instead of love, and with emulation instead of thanks: and if there be any hole left for cavil to enter,… Continue reading

Introductory Dedication To King James

Introductory Dedication To King James
In the 1611 KJV Bible

kjv dedication introduction page king james bible 1611




The Translators of the Bible wish Grace, Mercy and Peace,
through JESUS CHRIST, our Lord.


GREAT and manifold were the blessings, most dread Sovereign, which Almighty God, the Father of all mercies, bestowed upon us the people of England, when first he sent Your Majesty’s… Continue reading

Does The Authorized Version Contain Archaic Words?

Does The Authorized Version Contain Archaic Words?

By Dr. Laurence M. Vance

 kjv authorized king james version bible

The Authorized Version of the Bible is the best-selling, most read, most loved, and most revered book in history. This is beyond dispute. But doesn’t the Authorized Version contain archaic words? Certainly. Should we therefore replace it with something else? Certainly not. This is what is disputed. The Authorized Version of the Bible is often lauded for its place in literature, its majestic style, and its poetic… Continue reading

Word List for the King James Bible

Word List for the King James Bible

Compiled by Timothy S. Morton

1629 kjv cambridge edition leather covers

The King James Bible is often criticized because some of the words found in it are words not in common use today. Though these words are relatively few in number and can be readily defined in any good dictionary, many new versions have been published in recent years claiming to “update” the AV’s language. Along with updating the language, however, the new “Bibles” make many other more serious… Continue reading

A Brief History of the King James Bible

A Brief History of the King James Bible

By Dr. Laurence M. Vance

kjv 1611 history of king james bible

As the reign of Elizabeth (1558-1603) was coming to a close, we find a draft for an act of Parliament for a new version of the Bible: “An act for the reducing of diversities of bibles now extant in the English tongue to one settled vulgar translated from the original.” The Bishop’s Bible of 1568, although it may have eclipsed the Great Bible, was still rivaled by… Continue reading

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Christ Died For The Ungodly

by Horatius Bonar

The divine testimony concerning man is, that he is a sinner. God bears witness against him, not for him; and testifies that "there is none righteous, no, not one"; that there is "none that doeth good"; none "that understandeth"; none that even seeks after God, and, still more, none that loves Him (Psa. 14:1-3; Rom. 3:10-12). God speaks of man kindly, but severely; as one yearning over a lost child, yet as one who will make no terms with sin, and will "by no means clear the guilty." <continued>

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