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Modern Day Barbarians

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Modern Day Barbarians

(Societies That Have Legalized The Practice Of Abortion)


Barbarian: (Source: dictionary.com)
A person in a savage, primitive state; uncivilized person.

Society cannot get any more morally bankrupt than to reach a point where infanticide (abortion) is labeled “a choice” and where pregnant women pay a “respected” (i.e. legal in the eyes of that society) organization or facility of mass murderers to have their children slaughtered on the altar of convenience. Try as they might, the promoters of this butchery cannot undo this heinous crime by lying about the truth using less offensive yet more deceptive words.
One of the best measures of how civilized a society is, is determined by how they treat the most vulnerable amongst them, which most certainly includes the unborn child. Therefore, our modern day society can no longer be called civilized. An honest assessment of our society would have to brand us as BARBARIANS – uncivilized savages, immoral brute beasts, heartless hypocrites, devoid of the natural instinct to protect our unborn, putting on a cloak of morality only when it suits our needs.
Thanks in part to the infiltration of evolution and secular humanism into our culture and our public schools, we have de-volved into a society of godless, soulless barbarians, who want to fornicate with whomever and wherever, but don’t want to be responsible for our actions – and that includes both men and women to be sure.
After more than 40 years and millions of abortions, America is overflowing with the blood of the innocents. It is also teeming with traumatized women, haunted by the “choice” they made to hire an assassin for their unborn child. Many don’t even fully understand why, years afterwards, they are full of anger, despair, and thoughts of self-destruction. Many try to find temporary comfort in drugs, alcohol and promiscuous living. Some have consciences that can no longer bear their guilt and so they resort to suicide, which only ushers them into their final judgment all the more quickly. A fortunate few find peace and forgiveness in the Lord Jesus Christ and that is where the only real and lasting peace can be found. Jesus Christ once said: “Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest”. If the sins of your past are weighing you down, come to the Lord Jesus today and you fill find rest for your tormented soul.


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