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How many kinds of Catholics are there?

How many kinds of Catholics are there?

Officially, according to the Catholic Church there are 23 different types of Catholic Christians. What most call Roman Catholic are actually Latin Rite Catholic while the Eastern Orthodox are made up of the rest of the 22.
There is one Church. There are hundreds of factions (after all, any organization of sufficient size will have political infighting). Then there are many people who claim to be Catholic but are really heretics in sheep’s clothing.
Sedevacantists are people who deny the validity of the current Pope as well as the Second Vatican Council. That is more-or-less like denying Nicea. You can’t do it and manage to escape the title “heretic.”
Conclavists are (most often) sedevacatists who have gone so far as to say, “since VAII was heresy, the bishops who supported it are heretics. Heretics are incapable of properly electing a pope. Therefore, there is no pope and the See is vacant.”
I do think that it is a good idea to expand a bit on your title, even though that is not your full question. There are quite a few different liturgical and spiritual groups inside the Catholic Church. Most commonly, you will find Byzantine and other Eastern groups who closely resemble the Orthodox in both practice and theological expressions, but there are other, smaller sub-organizations in the Church (such as the Ambrosian Rite (which is largely liturgical) and the Anglican Ordinariate (which is only a few years old and closely resembles the ways of the Anglican Church)). Depending how you subdivide it, you could even argue that every major order (or even every abbey) can be considered a subset with its own customs, beliefs, and traditions. For that matter, even within a diocese, you will find different parishes behave different ways.
Jesuits are a religious order, like the Franciscans, Dominicans, or Benedictines. Individual members of any of these groups can become heretics, but the groups are all under the See of Rome. Opus Dei is something called a “Personal Prelature” meaning it has its own group of bishops and is not restricted to a diocese. They are relatively autonomous (and enjoy some freedom religious orders don’t), but they are still under the Pope.
Okay. Thanks for pointing out all those names of institutions and orders. Please share some more if you know. That way I know what and where to look to do further research.
Isn’t sedevacantist the term for those who believe that the see is vacant? Without proper sources, your statement Sedevacantists are people who deny the Second Vatican Council seems incorrect to me.
Sedevacantists believe the See of Peter is vacant, hence the name. Conclavists believe the same, but have gone so far as to have set up their own conclaves to elect their own (Anti-)Popes. There are over a dozen spread through the world. – Wtrmute Mar 11 ’17 at 14:31

SOURCE: https://christianity.stackexchange.com/questions/8333/how-many-kinds-of-catholics-are-there


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