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Trying To Find Catholic Doctrine In The Bible

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Trying To Find Catholic Doctrine In The Bible

catholic doctrine and dogma not found in the bible

Catholics love to point the finger at Protestants and say: “You can’t agree on the very basic dogmas of the faith: once saved always saved, the rapture, baptism, etc.”.
This statement in itself is in error, because these are certainly not the “very basic dogmas of our faith”. All Protestants do agree on salvation being by faith in Christ alone. All Protestants agree on the authority of Scripture. That makes us all accountable to the Bible.
The differences Protestants have are quite minor compared to the doctrinal errors of Catholicism. One might arrive at different understandings concerning hard topics as to how someone could forfeit their blood bought salvation or the mysterious future events.
Yet the Roman Catholic Church is accountable to other fallible men first, who are responsible for teaching its members what to think. How very dangerous and controlling! History is filled with the tragic reminders of how this worked out. One would think this should have been sufficient to convince anyone we need to be accountable to God, not men.
Worst of all, the Roman Catholic Church is teaching doctrines CONTRARY to God’s Word. We’re not talking about wrestling with difficult subjects, but plain opposition to the Scriptures:
Mary worship (veneration is not a biblical term, but was introduced in the 1620s), Celibacy, Pope etc. The Catechism is a total patchwork of truth mixed with error. Catholicism is the marriage of Christianity with Paganism, brought about by the false teachers we were warned about in the New Testament. Therefore it is no surprise that Catholic doctrines have conveniently changed over time. For example, only in the 1950s Mary ascension was added, and currently the Pope is upsetting many by wanting to include openly gay (i.e. unrepentant sexually immoral) people into the Catholic Church.
All these grave errors of the Catholic Church are enabled because scripture is not their sole authority. We have false teachers in the modern charismatic movement going in a similar direction, saying all we need is Jesus, and no Bible. This is always wrong, Jesus and Scripture are one.
The attack of the enemy was ALWAYS against the Word of God, back in the garden, when he asked “has God said?”, and in more modern times when Bibles were burned. The Catholic Church has – throughout history – attacked and undermined the Bible and persecuted those who read it for themselves. Today the Catholic Church is still number one in twisting the truth of Scripture.
This is why Scripture warns:

“And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.” Revelation 18:4

— by Rudy Oberhauser

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