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The Worst Thing That Could Ever Happen

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The Worst Thing That Could Ever Happen To You

So what is the worst thing that could ever happen to you? Become blind? Get into a car crash that leaves you totally paralyzed?  Lose your home, your family and everything you own in a flood or tornado?  Lose your entire life savings in a stock market crash – all that you worked for you entire life? Lose a child? Lose your spouse?  Get severely burned over most of your body?


No. Believe it or not, NONE of those tragedies is the worst thing that could ever happen to you. 


You may not realize it … yet, and you may not even believe it when I tell you… but the worst thing that could ever happen to you is to die and wake up in hell, the eternal dwelling place of the damned.  And more than likely, that is EXACTLY where you will end up.  Don’t think that you are too good to end up there compared to other people.  Don’t assume that your good deeds will outweigh the bad.  You are just deceiving yourself with the worst of all deceptions.   Another HUGE deception that is commonly believed today is that when you’re dead you cease to exist, that there is no heaven or hell.


One of the things about God that most people never think about is not just that He is the Creator of the universe, but He is also the LAW GIVER of the universe.   His laws are a direct reflection of Himself and His character.  His laws are summarized in the Ten Commandments.  Please note that they are referred to as COMMANDMENTS, not suggestions or guidelines.  Do you even know what these 10 commandments are?  In order to get into heaven, you would need to keep ALL 10 ALL THE TIME – for your entire life – or else pay for breaking those commandments, by spending eternity in hell.  Because of how holy and righteous God is, even one lie is enough to send us to hell forever.   Jesus said if we ever hated someone, that makes us a murderer in our heart.  He also said that if we ever lusted after another person, we are an adulterer at heart. We even sin in our thoughts.  And since we will continue to sin in hell, we will never get out of hell.


And just what is Hell?  It is a place of eternal torment with the absence of all that is good and holy, all that is pure and righteous.  It is a place absent of all hope, peace, joy, comfort, contentment and rest.  Your mind and your conscience will be in torment for ever and ever, as you realize that your grief, despair and hopelessness will never end.  There will be no one to console you and nothing to satisfy your wants or desires.  Nothing to alleviate your pain, suffering and anxiety.  No more chances to repent and seek God’s forgiveness and mercy.  Nothing to look forward to but an eternity of God’s justice, His wrath poured out against you for your lifetime of sin, your lifetime of going your own way, your lifetime of self-focus and self-indulgence.


God is the Person whom heaven is for and whom heaven is all about.  And it is the God of that heaven who says unless He changes us, we are filthy rotten sinners who would hate to be around someone as holy as Him for all eternity.  God is absolutely and completely JUST.  So He must punish sin and in doing that, He must punish the sinner – and yes, that includes YOU!  There is only ONE WAY to escape the punishment for sin that God says you and I deserve.  And that is if Someone else pays for YOUR sins.  But not just anyone.  It has to be someone whom God approves of as an acceptable scapegoat for YOU.  And there was only ever ONE person, a Divine person who qualified for that role, the Lord Jesus Christ.


While you are still alive there is still time for you to seek the Lord, to cry out for God to have mercy on your rebellious lost soul.  If you are reading this article, there is still time for you to plead with God to grant you a full pardon for your sins, to cry out to God as one man in the Bible once did: “God be merciful to me, a sinner”.  If God poured out His wrath upon His only begotten Son – the Lord Jesus Christ – to save sinners from hell, then how shall you escape if you neglect so great a salvation and instead seek salvation in some other way to heaven or through your own self-righteousness?



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