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A Very Brief Review Of Darwinism

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A Very Brief Review Of Darwinism


The “Darwin” award is an award commonly given out to those poor souls who die due to some stupid act, oftentimes while the person is intoxicated.  It is an award meant to acknowledge or recognize extreme foolishness and to “award” the recipient for having died… and thus removing themselves from “the gene-pool”.  However, if not for the grace of God, we would all die in such ways. If anyone ever deserved the Darwin award, an award for extreme foolishness, it would be Charles Darwin himself, a man who made up stories regarding the origins of life on earth with nothing but speculation and imagination, but no real cold hard evidence. Even fossils – in that so-called “fossil record” – are only evidence of living things that died catastrophically, not evidence of changes in life forms. So the ultimate winner of the Darwin award for dying in a state of extreme foolishness is… Charles Darwin:

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Thanks to the infiltration of the media and school systems by secular humanists and atheists, the majority of the world’s population that exits the doors of a public school on graduation day, are believers in the secular humanist religion of Darwinism, also known as “evolution”.  Oh, the “really educated” evolutionists will say they no longer agree precisely with Darwin’s original formula on evolution.  However the difference between them and him is miniscule. They still believe that “nothing” created everything or that space aliens planted life on earth but they have no explanation as to who created their space aliens.


“Know ye that the Lord he is God: it is he that hath made us, and not we ourselves.” [Psalm 100:3]



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