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Lord, I don’t know how To love You like I should,
After everything You’ve done for me.
Lord, I don’t know who else Would have gone that far for me,
What You Yourself endured upon that tree.
Lord, the unthinkable agonies,
As You were hanging from that cross,
What a price You had to pay to set me free!
How do I show my appreciation,
And demonstrate my thankfulness,
For what You did for someone like me?
As I look back upon my life,
I don’t understand what it was You saw,
Some good reason for You to die for me.
Lord, I can never repay You,
But I am forever in Your debt,
The great lengths You went to, just to ransom me.
In my own mind I am worthless,
A wretched specimen of a human being,
What on earth could’ve motivated You to love me?
So, Lord, won’t You teach me,
To love You as I ought to,
Blood-bought as I am by You for all eternity.
Nestor Jaremko 4-24-2013


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