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Why I No Longer Trust The Medical System

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Why I No Longer Trust The Medical System

And Why You Shouldn’t Trust Them Either

pharmaceutical companies make poisonous drugs


I wrote this article because I felt I needed to share some important stories of serious problems I encountered with the medical system over the past few years as my family and I interacted with the health care industry that seems to have a lot of dangerous ways of treating a person’s health.

Curing Cancer Patients With Poison? No, Just Killing Them Slowly.

Those bald children that Saint Jude’s Hospital shows in their photos accompanying their donation requests, have been poisoned by very toxic chemo therapy drugs. All chemo drugs are known CARCINOGENS. Likewise, another favorite Big Pharma cancer “treatment” – radiation – is a known CARCINOGEN. Even surgery to CUT OUT cancerous growths causes a huge stress on the human immune system as it attempts to heal the body from surgery. Big Pharma practices ALLOPATHIC medicine, which is primarily the treatment of symptoms, NOT the curing of illness and NOT the healing of disease. I will never endorse any medical practitioner who does not speak out against Big Pharma and in support of Holistic medicine.

A Lady Who Got A Secondary Cancer From A Chemo Pill

My friend’s wife was CURED of cancer in her cervix after taking Vitamin C infusion treatments, which Big Pharma’s insurance company would not pay for, even though it was a small fraction of the cost of chemo and other DEADLY cancer treatments, and this cheap, effective Vitamin C treatment was NOT even mentioned by her Big Pharma paid-and-trained doctor. Please note: her cancer had been CAUSED by a chemo pill she had been on for 20 years to “treat” a blood disorder (essential thrombocytosis). The only benefit of that chemo pill over all those years was the financial benefit to the medical establishment, because the use of that dangerous pill required frequent visits to the doctor to check the woman’s platelet count in her blood to make sure the chemo pill was not doing more harm than good.

corrupt scientists biased towards corrupt big pharma


These Deadly Drugs Don’t HEAL Your Immune System. They Only SUPPRESS It!

What are these dangerous steroids and chemo pills doing, if they don’t fix your immune system disorder? They are SUPPRESSING your immune system so it won’t overreact or over produce certain substances in your body. This is what is called a quick fix. It is not a cure. It does NOTHING to actually boost or REPAIR your immune system. In suppressing the human immune system, these drugs DAMAGE your immune system, since these drugs are toxic and over time, they cause permanent damage to your immune system, often resulting in more cancer than you started out with, often referred to as “secondary cancers” – the byproduct of Big Pharma’s cancer treatments.

When The Radiation And Chemo Fail, They Start Cutting Out Body Parts!

So what exactly IS your immune system? Well its a lot of things. It includes various organs that REGULATE functions in your body. Organs like your pancreas, your thyroid gland, your tonsils, your pituitary gland, your adrenal glands, your spleen, etc. It includes your blood supply, including white blood cells that detect and attack germs, bacteria and other dangerous organisms that invade your body. It also includes the 500+ lymph nodes throughout your body, which regulate the production of lymph fluid and other immune system components in your blood. Which is why it is crazy for surgeons to remove people’s lymph nodes, rather than repair them holistically. My wife’s sister-in-law had lymph nodes removed under her arm after having breast cancer, and it was not long after those nodes were cut out that her entire arm swelled up from a blood infection in that arm and she had to spend time in the hospital recuperating. Why the blood infection? Because those lymph nodes that had been in her arm to regulate her immune system – for her arm – went bye-bye, thanks to her knife-happy cancer doctor.

FDA lies about vaccine safety and dangers


One Of Big Pharma’s Deadly Secrets: Vaccinosis

My dog almost died from Big Pharma vaccines. The dog almost bled to death from a blood disorder called “immune-mediated thrombocytopenia”, caused by VACCINOSIS – too many vaccinations. Vaccinosis is something that medical doctors and veterinarians will NEVER talk about. I found ONE sole “holistic” veterinarian on the Internet who mentioned it, after getting the thrombocytopenia diagnosis from a rather highly esteemed veterinarian university hospital. Without me realizing it, my dog was getting 8 to 9 vaccines a year bundled into one or two shots by our typical Big Pharma trained veterinarian. Since my wife had always been the person to take the dog for annual checkups and shots, I was totally unaware of what was being done to our dear dog named Eloise. I thank the Good Lord Jesus Christ that I was able to undo some of the vaccine-damage with immune boosting supplements. As it turned out, Eloise outlived Big Pharma’s estimated life expectancy of 6 months (for dogs that have that disorder), by 3 and a half years. The Big Pharma vets almost killed my dog with their prednisone and chemo pill treatments which I had to stop when I saw my dog dying from their “cure”. Thankfully the immune boosting supplements I gave the dog worked and worked well.

Can Too Many Vaccinations Cause Sepsis?

One of the serious health problems my father faced near the end of his life was sepsis – a system wide blood infection that required hospitalization. My father, being a Navy veteran, qualified for Veteran’s Administration health care services and they were all too happy to use their patients as pin cushions for annual vaccinations such as flu vaccines, pneumonia vaccines and even shingles vaccines. While I cannot prove it, I strongly suspect that all those jabs resulted in damage to my father’s immune system, causing sepsis. The hospital almost killed my father with their sepsis “cure”, a dose of an antibiotic that caused him to turn yellow from jaundice (i.e. serious liver damage).

pharmaceutical companies push harmful statin cholesterol drugs


Statin (cholesterol) drugs are extremely deadly over time

My father suffered severe memory loss near the end of his life, so severe that when he woke up one morning, he forgot that he needed a walker to get around, and subsequently fell and broke his hip and died about a month later. My father’s memory loss that led to his death was likely caused by years of statin drugs that are known to cause memory loss, dementia and Alzheimer’s. Statins are marketed as a cure for heart attacks and strokes, since statins can reduce your body’s cholesterol. However, your body NEEDS cholesterol for two extremely important reasons:
1. Your brain is 30 percent cholesterol, so it’s a very bad idea to starve your brain of an essential nutrient.
2. Your body uses cholesterol molecules to transport enzymes from the foods you eat to every cell in your body.
Basically, statin drugs are a big fraud, a big DEADLY money making fraud. They are among the most profitable drugs of Big Pharma. Two medical researchers from the University of Southern Florida examined many studies that were being used to justify giving statin drugs to patients and found that those studies were rigged. You can’t expect HONEST studies from the foxes when it’s the foxes that are guarding the hen houses.

Deadly and popular Big Pharma drugs


Another dangerous drug pushed by Big Pharma’s agents:

Blood thinners are yet another Big Pharma money maker. Doctors are programmed to chant “You need this blood thinner so you don’t die of a heart attack or stroke.” yet they neglect to tell you the whole story which is:
1. Their wonder drug may reduce the likelihood of you dying of a CLOTTING stroke, but will most likely increase the chances of you dying of a BLEEDING stroke. Aint that wonderful? Is it any surprise that people given these deadly blood thinners end up looking like beating victims, with black and blue marks all over their bodies? That surely is NOT a sign of good health, NOR a sign of a safe medication. Yet the medical establishment wants you to think that cheap and effective “baby” aspirin is far more dangerous than their prescription blood-thinner toxins.
2. Their dangerous blood thinners will require you to not only take those pills for the rest of your life, BUT ALSO require you to get frequent bloodwork done to make sure those pills are not thinning your blood too much, because as I already mentioned, those pills can KILL YOU by way of a BLEEDING stroke.

Big Pharma lied about dangers of cigarettes and vaccines


The Worst Medical Horror Story Of All – My Mother.

The story of my mother’s last month on earth is an absolute Big Med horror story. She fell and broke her hip and was taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital. She then had a mild heart attack the next day. A few days later, she had breathing problems so she was put on a ventilator even though that was contrary to her written medical directive statement which was located in a notebook at the nurse’s station. Admittedly, her health at that time in her life was poor due to the long term effects of years of cigarette smoking. However, the hospital staff should have at least used common sense measures rather than doing stupid things that could seriously jeopardize my mother’s health any more than it was already jeopardized. In spite of their knowledge of my mothers poor vascular system, they put an IV port into the back of her hand, rather than in a safer place like her shoulder. So after a week or so in the hospital, she developed gangrene in that hand. And only THEN did the hospital’s medical staff move the IV port to my mother’s shoulder.
Now comes the real horror story: the killer nurse Charles Cullen was the night nurse for my mother during part of her hospital stay. He decided that my mother needed to die, so he gave her an insulin overdose, and my mother was never an insulin user. Cullen had been killing patients using a heart medication, but switched to using insulin after the hospital tightened up their distribution of the heart meds. My mother “survived” the insulin overdose but her brain appeared to be severely damaged at that point. The ventilator my mother was on caused her to develop pneumonia. And by the time a month had gone by since she first entered the hospital, a decision was made by the family to take my mother off of life support, knowing that she had at most 48 to 72 hours to live, once off life support. At that point, the hospital couldn’t wait to get rid of my mother, so that she would not become a death statistic on their record. So I was forced to rush out to acquire a hospital bed and other medical equipment and then stay home, waiting for an ambulance to bring my mother home to die. The hospital then called me to tell me that my mother had died while the ambulance was on its way to the hospital to pick up my mother. So now, I could no longer be at my mother’s bedside during her transition out of this world, but the hospital was now giving me the option to visit my dead mother in her hospital room or have them transport her lifeless body to their morgue. My sister and I chose to go to our mother’s room. And the story is not over yet. Several months later, the hospital vice president invited my sister and I to a meeting where he disclosed to us that our mother had been a victim of Charles Cullen. He wanted to let us know before the story broke in the local newspaper. It turned out that:
1. Their nurse, Charles Cullen killed 2 patients at the hospital AFTER he had become a suspect in the deaths of other patients there.
2. Charles Cullen had been a “hot potato” for many more hospitals (around 8 or 9) for several years and so rather than report him to the police and expose their reputations to public scrutiny, those hospitals simply, quietly fired Cullen, allowing him to murder around 40 people that they know of with certainty, and perhaps as many as 400 people that they suspect he murdered.

Is There Anything Good About The Medical Establishment?

So what is the Big Pharma medical system good for, or good at? Probably just these three things:
1. Surgeries: cutting things off and sewing them back on.
2. Diagnostics: determining what is wrong with your body via x-rays, cat-scans, pet-scans, MRIs, blood tests, urine tests, etc. while putting you at risk of serious after-effects (short and long term) from many of these tests.
3. Killing you slowly while draining your bank account and your insurance money: using drugs and other “allopathic” treatments to mask or suppress symptoms rather than to heal you, and those treatments end up causing more and more health problems over time, leading to death.
Sadly, we live in a world where the medical establishment is designed to get repeat customers. They do this very well by selling treatments rather than cures. And their treatments have side-effects that keep patients coming back for treatments for the new side-effects. Big Pharma will make sure that doctors lose their licenses to practice medicine if those doctors are found to prescribe treatments that are not approved by Big Pharma’s watchdog agencies: FDA, NAIAD, WHO, AMA, CDC and others. — RM Kane

FDA WHO CDC NAIAD are corrupt criminal organizations


Are there reliable healthy ALTERNATIVES to the Big Pharma poison pills and death jabs? Certainly. However, Big Pharma controls the regulatory agencies (CDC, WHO, NAIAD, FDA, etc.) that approve or disapprove of all medicines, and they send out agents to ARREST anyone not complying with their Big Pharma policies and drugs. That is why there are so few holistic and homeopathic doctors in our world. Big Pharma has made it harder for these alternative medicine doctors to make a living and will threaten these doctors with loss of license or arrest if they pose a threat to Big Pharma profits. Never-the-less, thanks to the Internet and its freedom of information, many people are learning MUCH about true health and true NATURAL cures. You can learn more about that HERE.


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