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Signs Of The Times

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Signs Of The Times

signs of the times

I watch with sadness as more and more of the Bible’s predictions of the end times are coming to fruition. One major sign is this: The world is becoming more and more spiritually blind, while believing they are becoming more and more enlightened. Other signs include “gay marriage”, widespread abortion, rampant sexual immorality and STDs, overuse of psychotropic drugs to treat any perceived bad feelings, broken homes and broken marriages, profanity and vulgarity becoming an integral part of entertainment and daily conversation, and an enormous lusting for pleasure and materialism, obsession with self, massive amounts of daily gambling (primarily lotteries), the mocking of true biblical Christianity, the growing persecution, torture and murder of Christians worldwide, especially in muslim and communist countries, and of course the growth of atheism, agnosticism, hedonism, the occult and Islam.


And one more sign of the times: the equating of secular humanism with the epitomy of science and reason and the denial of its real nature – that secular humanism is the religion of man-worship, elevating man to godhood, where the creature (mankind) assigns to himself all the attributes of the Creator (the ultimate authority and lawgiver and determiner of all truth). It is this mindset that spawns the Hitlers and Stalins of our world who believe they are accountable to no one and who feel they are free to redefine who is human and who is not, and free to define who is worthy to live and who needs to die. And with secular humanism being the “state religion” taught in public schools for many decades now, we have a brave new world to look forward to.



Twenty-Five Characteristics of Man in the Last Days



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